2022 “WELCOME” , SO SO SO Galerie, Munich, Germany
2022 “ZIMMERFREI”, hotel Mariandl, Munich, Germany
2022 “BABY YOU’RE A RICHMAN, TOO”, Munich, Germany
2021 “Tihans, Žaki un Buks Neimindē”, Daugavgrīvas fortress, Riga, Latvia
2021 “arkadenale. got something to say about europe”, Munich, Germany
2020 “EL BARRIO”, Sonnenstraße 47, Munich, Germany
2019  “Lāčplēša diena Daugavgrīvas cietoksnī“, Daugavgrīvas fortress, Riga, Latvia
2018 “-iV-Kunstpreis”,  -iV Kunst und Forum, Munich, Germany
2017 “17”,  Daugavgriva fortress, Riga, Latvia
2017  “What’s Mine Is Yours”, Atelier Sina Wagner, Munich, Germany
2017 “Zureta”, international Contemporary Printed ART Exhibition & Symposium, Chinretsukan Gallery, the Art Museum of theTokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan
2016 “,oder?”, Kunstarkaden, Munich, Germany
2016 “multiuserdungeon“, group exhibition/interactive performance from About Reality Collective, AkademieGalerie, Munich, Germany
2015 “Movimento’15”, collaborative filmmaking laboratory for cineasts from all over, Lisbon, Portugal
2015 “Room for improvement“, group exhibition and open curating process from Roundabout collective,Roundabout exhibition space, Munich, Germany
2015 “A very precize map of an unknown universe“, office gallery of Latvian Centre For Contemporary Art, Riga, Latvia
2015 “Present Shock“, group exhibition/interactive performance from About Reality collective, Roundabout.LX creative space, Lisbon, Portugal
2014 “Celeste Prize”, ASSAB-ONE space, Milan, Itay
2014 “Playing Rayuela”, Cervantes Institute, Munich, Germany
2014  “Quarrel” at Streitfeld Öffen, Streitfeld Genossenschaftliche Räume für Kunst und Kultur, Munich, Germany
2013-16 “Szenenwechsel II”, Goethe Institute Central, Munich, Germany
2010  “Art Days 2010”, organisation in curator group “5Ievas “, Riga, Latvia

2012 - 2019  Munich Academy of Fine Arts, prof. Norbert Prangenberg, prof. Hermann Pitz, also guest professors Simon Starling, Steve Van den Bosh and Kim Noble
2011 - 2012  Erasmus Exchange Program to the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich, Germany
2008 - 2012  Art Academy of Latvia, The Faculty of visual plastic arts, Department of Ceramics
2008-2009  Photo studio „2Annas“ by Andrejs Grants
2004-2008  Riga Design and Art School, Department of Ceramic Design